1st Annual TFOB Team Tee Contest

Each year, one of the highlights of Toronto’s Festival of Beer are the avid fans who come out in teams, with matching T-shirts, to celebrate our favourite golden beverage. With highly creative and quirky tees, these teams celebrate, taste and enjoy all the experiences that TFOB has to offer.

In an effort to thank our enthusiastic TFOB Teams this year, we have created the 1st Annual TFOB Team Tee Contest!

For those of you who are bringing your friends and feel like getting a little creative, make a team t-shirt and enter for your chance to win 10 Tickets to TFOB 2014!

How it works:

  • Gather a team of 5-10 of your favourite people and spend an evening designing your team tees.
  • Choose a team leader and creative name
  • Buy tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer July 26th-28th at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place at www.beerfestival.ca
  • When you get to the Festival, head straight to the Social Media Lounge to register and take your team photos. Be sure to stop by at least two hours before closing to be included in the contest
  • Enjoy Toronto’s Festival of Beer and check in after the festival for our online voting system. Get your friends liking, tweeting and voting to make sure you win!
  • Voting closes on August 17

Winner of 10 Tickets to TFOB 2014 will be announced on August 23.

Can’t wait to see your tees and stay tuned for a new blog about our new TFOB App!


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