CONTEST: Sunday Fun-day Toronto’s Best Beer & Food paired with a Safe Ride home

This just in! Toronto’s Festival of Beer has partnered with the new and handy Hailo Taxi app to provide you with a safe ride home from Toronto’s Festival of Beer this July 26th – 28th!


To kick off their new partnership, Hailo and TFOB are bringing you three “Sunday Funday” packages that combine some of Toronto’s Best: great food, great beer and a reliable taxi ride home.

Say #beerme with no hesitation while using your Two Sunday Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer knowing that Hailo has your back. Simply open the app, tap on a taxi and watch in real time as it comes to you. Use your $20 Hailo credit to head to the festival or to try out some of the delicious restaurants Toronto has to offer. Each package comes with $100 to one of three of Toronto’s best: Pizza Libretto, Lisa Marie’s or Rock Lobster, and if $100 is not enough, you can try them at the festival too!


Look for contest details on our Facebook page ( and enter to win three of these unique food and beer packages brought to you by Hailo and Toronto’s Festival of Beer:

  1. $100 to Pizza Libretto + TWO tickets to TFOB Sunday + $20 Hailo Credit
  2. $100 to Lisa Marie’s + TWO tickets to TFOB Sunday + $20 Hailo Credit
  3. $100 to Rock Lobster + TWO tickets to TFOB Sunday + $20 Hailo Credit

*Gift cards and Hailo Credit do not expire and may be used on dates other than July 28th, 2013


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