Contract Brewers to Pour at Toronto’s Festival of Beer

We are excited to hear that Left Field Brewery and other contract brewers will be able to pour their brews at Toronto’s Festival of Beer and other Beer Festivals this summer.

When we were initially made aware of a potential restriction that may have seen Left Field Brewery and similar contract brewers from pouring their beer at our Festival under the current special occasion permit rules, we reached out to our partners at the Beer Store and it was apparent from the outset that the Beer Store was interested in working together to provide a solution, that would benefit all the stakeholders.

The Beer Store, like ourselves, understand the importance that contract brewers bring to the beer segment as a great starting point to one day owning and operating their own brewery. These entrepreneurs use Festivals such as ours to showcase their product and engage with multiple consumers face to face.  Basically, affordable marketing for entrepreneurs in the province of Ontario.

We greatly appreciate The Beer Store ‘s efforts in working alongside us to resolve this situation and our combined efforts have resulted in a short-term solution, which will preserve the integrity of our Festival and other Beer Festivals this summer.

Toronto’s Festival of Beer has been committed to promoting the brewers of Ontario for the last 20 years and the Beer Store has always been very supportive of our efforts.

 To read a statement from The Beer Store, Click Here

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